YARD CPH ApS was founded in 2008 by Anette Holmberg and is today hosting SKABELONLOFTET and YARD PRC ROOM.


The loft consists of 20 studios shared among 58 creatives.

Corporate events - We arrange corporate- meetings, seminars, conferences and events for groups from 18 to 240 persons.

Yard Prc Room - Yard Project Room host Art Exhibitions, Art performances, Art events, ect.

Find the loft

Skabelonloftet is an 80 years old shipyard loft on top of the former Burmeister & Wain shipyard at Refshaleøen in Copenhagen harbour. The shipyad is located in a bankrupped abandoned industrial area and it holds a beautiful patination - an aesthetic scenery of decay, with a view over the ocean, only a few 100 meter from the little mermaid. The loft is a place where commercial, artistic and innovative forces meets and interact - and for the media to find inspiration and experience contemporary danish art, culture and urban development. A community through the arts, shared among architects, artists, industrial-, fashion-, web-, grafic-, interior-,  jewellery-, furniture- designers, reporters, sculptors, filmmakers, theaterpeople, documentarists, illustrators, photographers, visuel artists, communication advisers etc. The loft holds studios for rent on a permanent basis. and can be rented on a daily basis for seminars, product launches, dinners, conferences, photoshoots, press releases, music videos, blogger events, pop up restaurants, art exhibitions, happenings...

Photoshoot - The Shipyard loft & the outdoor scenery can be rented on a daily basis as a location for filmshoot & photoshoot.

Burmeister & Wain shipyard (1843 - 1996). B&W was once Denmark´s largest workplace. In its heyday, it employed more than 10.000 people. B&W was established in 1843 and after numerous bankrupcies, the shipyard closed in 1996. The work that took place at Skabelonloftet was skimming. Full size templates was made, based on the shipdrawings. A job that required plenty of space. Today you can still find the original metal templatedrawings as decoration at the loft on doors and tables. DOCUMENTARY - MEN & METAL  


REDA -Refshaleøens Ejendomsselskab seminar 20/03-2018
BMW seminar 05/03-2018
IKEA - seminar 01/03-2018
CHRISTOPHER LUND NISSEN photoshoot by Warner Music 27/02-2018
ORKLA FOODS seminar 07/02-2018
BERTONI event 07/02-2018
MOON PRODUCTION photoshoot 23/01-2018
GREY seminar & dinnerevent 19/01-2018
STRATEGIC 9 seminar 19/01-2018
MERRILD PHOTOGRAPHY photoshoot 18/01-2018
UITCH ISCRATH PRODUCTION photoshoot 17/01-2018
COSTER COPENHAGEN photoshoot 19/12-2017
PLAYSTATION filmshoot by Karmafilm 15/12-2017
YOU SEE conference 13/12-2017
SONY MUSIC filmshoot/ Clara Toft Simonsen 06/12-2017
JAYWAY event 05/12-2017
CRAFT photoshoot 30/11-2017
DANSK ENERGI conference 29/11-2017
ROXANA KIA seminar 28/11-2017
BYENS NETVÆRK conference 16/11-2017
IMITZ photoshoot 10/11-2017
NOVO NORDISK workshop 27/10-2017
MARKEDSQUARE seminar 05/10-2017
YOUSEE conference 04/10-2017
ADVICE seminar 03/10-2017
DELOITTE conference/ event 29/09-2017
DELOITTE conference 27/09-2017
IBG ProReact seminar 22/09-2017
TELENOR conference 21/09-2017
YOU SEE seminar 20/09-2017
THE SENATOR GROUP photoshoot 14/09-2017
PROACTIVE seminar 08/09-2017
JONAS SCHNACK photoshoot 17/07-2017
MOVE COPENHAGEN yogaevent 13/07-2017
DELOITTE conference 27/06-2017
SWECO seminar 22/06-2017
IF FORSIKRING dinner event 21/06-2017
IF FORSIKRING dinner event 19/06-2017
DANSKE BANK conference 16/06-2017
HELSINGBORG STAD seminar 07/06-2017
REDBULL seminar 07/06-2017
SWECO seminar 01/06-2017
BESSIE JEANS photoshoot 31/05-2017
WRAP LONDON photoshoot 17/05-2017
NOVOZYMES seminar 17/05-2017
DANISH FASHION INSTITUTE dinnerevent 10/05-2017
WOOD WOOD outdoor photoshoot 09/05-2017
SWECO seminar 09/05-2017
WOOD WOOD photoshoot 09/05-2017
KILDEVÆLD film + photoshoot 02/05-2017
MAGASIN DU NORD conference 25/04-2017
DRESS PARTNER photoshoot 21/03-2017
EGMONT PUBLISHING seminar 13/03-2017
BÄSTE KOMPISAR photoshoot 14/02-2017
COLOPLAST workshop 09/02-2017
NOSCO seminar 25/01-2017
JERICHAU photoshoot 24/01-2017
BRO KOMMUNIKATION A/S seminar 20/01-2017
DANSK PSYKIATRISK CENTER conference 19/01-2017
YOU SEE seminar 16/01-2017
JUNK de LUX product launghing 20/12-2016
YOU SEE seminar 06/12-2016
FACEBOOK seminar/ conference 24/11-2016
RESONANS seminar 23/11-2016
UNIVERCITY OF COPENHAGEN tour - section for Landscape Architecture and Planning 22/11-2016
URLAND dinnerevent 21/11-2016
OPEN LOFT event 11/11-2016
VOLVO filmshoot 26/10-2016
TDC seminar/ dinnerevent 14/10-2016
CARLSBERG seminar/ dinnerevent 11/10-2016
TV2 filmshoot 06/10-2016
NOVO NORDISK seminar (Roxana Kia) 03/10-2016
REDBULL seminar 29/09-2016
NØRGAARD MIKKELSEN fotoshoot 27/09-2016
BERNSTORFF exhibition 22/09-2016
VOLVO photohoot 21/09-2016
LOUIS NIELSEN photoshoot 20/09-2016
MICROSOFT seminar 07/09-2016
GLADSAXE KOMMUNE seminar 06/09-2016
ADVICE seminar/dinner 06/09-2016
TV2 seminar 02/09-2016
IBM conference 31/08-2016
COVER photoshoot 14/07-2016
SIEMENS seminar 28/06-2016
MIH VVS seminar 17/06-2016
ILVA pressevent 13/06-2016
PART TWO photoshoot 07/06-2016
EMEND eent/seminar 03/06-2016
NORDISK FILM filmshooting 24/05-2016
KÂHRS photoshoot 13/05-2016
CPH FASHION SUMMIT dinnerevent 12/05-2016
BASIC APPAREL photoshoot 11/05-2016
JANVIER BURGER & STASCH GMBH photoshoot 29/04-2016
PWT GROUP photoshoot 26/04-2016
WDHB afternoon event 24/04-2016
LUNDBECK seminar/dinnerevent 19/04-2016
VANNUCCI filmshoot 08/04-2016
ROXANA KIA event 07/04-2016
BUSINESS KOLDING tour 10/03-2016
NOVOZYMES A/S seminar 08/03-2016
SZHIRLEY PORTRAIT photoshoot 29/02-2016
FONDEN VÆKSTHUS tour 28/01-2016
PRODESIGN photoshoot 26/01-2016
ADVICE seminar 20/01-2016
LOUIS POULSEN photoshoot 19/01-2016
LEGO WEAR photoshoot 14/01-2016
NOVOZYMES A/S seminar 12/01-2016
CLAIRE photoshoot 11/01-2016
DK COMPANY A/S event 07/01-2016
EUROPEAN FOODSERVICE SUMMIT think tank for the restaurant industry 04/01-2016
NOA NOA photoshoot 21/12-2015
MASTIFF FILM filmshoot 08/12-2015
SANITA FOOTWEAR photoshoot 01/12-2015
CNN event 09/11-2015
MOLLY MARAIS photoshoot 05/11-2015
DANISH DESIGN CENTER seminar 02/11-2015
MAGASIN DU NORD seminar 27/10-2015
INTUITIVE COUNSELOR seminar 23/10-2015
RED BULL seminar/ productlaunging 21/10-2015
IKEA seminar/dinnerevent 12/10-2015
LIBRATONE photoshoot by Raffinaderiet 01/10-2015
RADIKALE VENSTRE the danish parliament - seminar 30/09-2015
IKEA seminar/ dinnerevent 24/09-2015
INCENTIVE CONSULTANT seminar 17/09-2015
THANK YOU STUDIO photoshoot 16/09-2015
INTUITIVE COUNSELAR seminar 15/09-2015
YARD PRC exhibition by Filip A. Juhl & Sara Trier 11/09-2015



VELUX seminar/dinnerevent 10/09-2015
TV2 - NORSKOV pressevent 09/09-2015
CHIMNEY COPENHAGEN filmshoot 08/09-2015
PHASEONE filmshoot 03/09-2015
CREATIVE MORNINGS event by Janus Metz 28/08-2015

Creative Mornings Copenhagen

B&O Bang & Olufsen filmshoot 21/08-2015
HEM photohoot 21/08-2015
GN STORE NORD seminar/dinnerevent 20/08-2015
NYKREDIT photoshoot 19/08-2015
INTUITIVE COUNSELAR seminar 18/08-2015
STICKS 'N' SUSHI seminar 04/08-2015
VERO MODA photoshoot 01/07-2015
MUUTO photoshoot 30/06-2015
H&M HOME photoshoot 27/06-2015
STICKS 'N' SUSHI seminar 25/06-2015
ADESTRIA JAPAN tour 25/06-2015
TV2 - ERIK SKAMMELSEN interview 25/06-2015
JUUL I FROST ARKITEKTER dinnerevent 25/06-2015
LOKALE & ANLÆGSFONDEN tour 25/06-2015
JACK & JONES photoshoot by BLINK production 22/06-2015
INTUITIVE COUNSELAR seminar 15/06-2015
DANISH DESIGN CENTER meeting 09/06-2015
WARDROBE photoshoot 04/06-2015
GARDENIA/ SHOE BIZ photoshoot 21/05-2015
INTUITIVE COUNSELAR seminar 19/05-2015
PODIO seminar 13/05-2015
H&M HOME photoshoot 08/05-2015
ADVICE event 20/04-2015
UCC Professionshøjskolen- seminar 13/04-2015
MOON photohoot 30/03-2015
ADVICE seminar 26/03-2015
DANISH MINISTRY OF THE ENVIRONMENT seminar/dinner 16/03-2015
DR - DANISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION filmshoot for National television by Søren Kragh Jacobsen 16/03-2015
ROSKILDE FESTIVAL seminar 03/03-2015

Roskilde Festival 2015

LAUNCH NORDIC - KEA dinnerevent 25/02-2015


MilliMeter 14/02-2015 Photoshoot at Skabelonloftet
IKEA Headquater - tour at the loft 10/02-2015
Novozymes A/S - Media Relations 05/02-2015 Seminar + painting workshop
TOM WOOD - jewellery launghing 28/01-2015



REAL DANIA 14/01-2015 Seminar in room # 1
LUNDBECK 09/12-2014 2 days seminar at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen
24 åbne værksteder - julehygge 07/12-2014
CHRISTMAS PARTY at the loft 05/12-2014
SPARK CPH 02/12-2014 2 days seminar
Pernille Corydon smykker 19/11-2014 Photoshoot
TV 2 14/11-2014 Fotoshoot
MICROSOFT 12/11-2014 Seminar
Roskilde Festival 10/11-2014 Seminar
Klausen & partners 07/11-2014 Afternoon event
Sofakompaniet - Yellows Photography 30/10-2014 Photoshoot
MADS TROLLE - JEWELLERY 23/10-2014 Product launghing at Skabelonloftet by MADS TROLLE
CLIPPER CROUP 13/10-2014 Drop in - casual lunch event
ACCELERACE 26/09-2014 Seminar
Christina Klitsgaard 26/09-2014 Photoshoot v. Susan Dam
The Danish Ministry of Environment 23/09-2014 Seminar + Tour + Dinner
Frédéric Dilé - Exhibition sep. 19th. at 16.00 at YARD PRC. 19/09-2014

Mobiles, Sculptures, 3D printing, Interactive art.

More info: www.yardproject.dk
Frédéric Dilé

MÆRSK drilling 04/09-2014 2 days seminar and dinner
DDB Copenhagen 29/08-2014 Seminar
COLOPLAST 22/08-2014 Photoshoot
Submarine Advertising 14/08-2014 Photoshoot
ELLE DECOR Italy 11/08-2014 Photoshoot 
Nyt Hospital Nordsjælland 07/08-2014 Seminar
TUBORG 01/07-2014 Filmshooting
Fossflakes 24/06-2014 Photoshoot
B&O PLAY 23/06-2014 Seminar
Emmatell photography 22/06-2014 Photoshoot
GRO company / Revolver 19/06-2014 Photoshoot
Stressless 18/06-2014 Photoshoot
Citrix Podio 17/06-2014 Seminar June 17th - 18th
Rikke Hagen 16/06-2014 Design seminar
Region Hovedstadens Psykiatri - Mental Health services 12/06-2014 Seminar
Checkland Kindleysides 10/06-2014 Photoshoot at Skabelonloftet at Refshaleøen
Århus Univercity - Campus Emdrup 26/05-2014 Seminar
CHARLES VOGELE 24/05-2014 photoshoot at Skabelonloftet at Refshaleøen
BILL & MELINDA GATES Foundation 19/05-2014

Filmshooting - Interview with Bjorn Lomborg organized by the Bill Gates foundation.:
Bjørn Lomborg, an adjunct professor at the Copenhagen Business School, founded and directs the Copenhagen Consensus Center, which seeks to study environmental problems and solutions using the best available analytical methods. He is the author of The Skeptical Environmentalist and Cool It, and is the editor of How Much have Global Problems Cost the World?

CORE architects 15/05-2014 Seminar at Skabelonloftet - The Shipyard Loft, Refshaleøen, Copenhagen 
EUROVISION SONG CONTEST, Copenhagen 2014 01/05-2014 As nabor to the big concerthall at the Island, we welcome the EUROVISION SONG CONTESTs guests, to our lovely Ship Yard Loft.
LEE JEANS - photoshoot by BLINK production 23/04-2014 Photoshoot at The Shippyard Loft/ Skabelonloftet at Refshaleøen.
Pop up restaurant - "Fra mord til bord" 11/04-2014

From murder to dining table


Benjamin Media 08/04-2014 Photoshoot

Copenhagen Kit is a service to all Eurovision Delegations.

Danish Red Cross 26/03-2014 Photoshoot by Morten Jerichau. Portrait: Niclas Petersen, Alias Nik
PWTgroup 25/03-2014 Photoshoot at room # 1 + the templateroom at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen
Park Lane Fashion 21/03-2014 Photoshoot at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen
FRIIS & COMPANY 19/03-2014 photoshoot at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen
MUUTO 12/03-2014 Photoshoot at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen
MICROSOFT 04/03-2014 Seminar at Skabelonloftet, Refshalenøen - room # 1
EGETÆPPER 26/02-2014 Photoshoot at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen the 26th and 27th of February. 
X-PRESS GROUP 01/02-2014 Photoshoot at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen
SOULMATE photoshoot 22/01-2014
DK company Vejle A/S 21/01-2014 Fotoshoot at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen 
Photoshoot Brandtex 13/01-2014 at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen
SIGNAL archithects 13/12-2013 Dinner event at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen
Folkets park Malmö, Sweden 09/12-2013 Tour at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen 
Skabelonloftets Christmasmarket 7. - 8. dec. 04/12-2013
Værfthallerne - Helsingør Municipality 02/12-2013 Loft tour 
Restaurant RELÆ 02/12-2013 Dinner event at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art 21/11-2013 Tour at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen
Bestseller - Jack & Jones 18/11-2013 Photoshoot at the Templateroom and room # 1 at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen
Masai Clothing Company 14/11-2013 Photoshoot at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen
Attention - design 13/11-2013 Seminar at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen
Øresundskommiteen 12/11-2013 Seminar at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen
Designpsykologi 11/11-2013 Seminar at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen
BLEND she 11/11-2013 Photoshoot at the templateroom at Skabelonloftet, refshaleøen
PART TWO 08/11-2013 Photoshoot at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen
INVITATION til Julemarked på Skabelonloftet 2013 07/11-2013
Lundbeck 01/11-2013 Seminar at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen
YARD PRC ROOM - Marie J. Engelsvold 01/11-2013 Exhibtion at the big Templateroom at Skabelonlonftet, Refshaleøen
UMBRACO 24/10-2013 Seminar + event at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen
IKEA 23/10-2013 Photoshoot at Skabelonloftet at Refshaleøen
LAUNCH Nordic 22/10-2013 Event at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen
Vero Moda - Noisy May 02/10-2013 photoshoot at Skabelonloftet
Ingeniørforeningen IDA 23/09-2013 Seminar at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen
Copenhagen Talent Bridge 19/09-2013 Seminar at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen
VOLVO photoshoot 14/09-2013
KUDIBAL FUR photoshoot 10/09-2013
Mads Langer - Heartquake 10/09-2013


Tomorrow management 27/08-2013 Photoshoot at Skabelonloftet Refshaleøen
Danish Science Factory 26/08-2013 Seminar the 26th and the 27th of August at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen
The Danish Film institute 21/08-2013 Filmpitching at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen.
LINTEX 19/08-2013 Photoshoot at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen. By Creascop and Lasse Hyldager
DAMVAD 16/08-2013 Seminar at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen
PODIO workshop 06/08-2013 Workshop at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen
Mads Langer musikvideo Gaucho Film 06/08-2013

Behind the scenes


Marie hjemmene Foundation 21/06-2013 Seminar and paintingworkshop in room #1 at Skabelonloftet at Refshaleøen
Custom made 19/06-2013 Photoshoot at Skabelonloftet at Refshaleøen
Lundbeck 14/06-2013 Seminar at Skabelonloftet at Refshaleøen
Miljøministeriet - ministry of environment at Skabelonloftet 13/06-2013
Agency Twenty Two - Paris 12/06-2013

22 Stategist Directors from Communication agencys in Paris. Gourmet dinner in the big Templateroom, Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen

Dinner by Mikke Maabjerg + Morten Schou 

Theater Grob 11/06-2013 Seminar at Skabelonloftet
Recidence Magazine Sweden 06/06-2013 Fotoshoot at Skabelonloftet
YARD gallery - Copenhagen Fotofestival 06/06-2013

Fernisering på udstillingen "Den usminkede virkelighed" d. 6. Juni kl. 17 - 20.

Udstillingen består af Henrik Damgaards fotos fra borgen DAD live shots og malerier fra kunstnerne Poul Bruun og Anette Holmberg.

Læs endvidere: www.yardproject.dk

Miljøministeriet - ministry of environment at Skabelonloftet 24/05-2013 Seminar

Fotoshoot at Skabelonloftet


POINT arkitekter 07/05-2013

Reception at Skabelonloftet


Smith Innovation 23/04-2013

Seminar at Skabelonloftet 

- Samarbejde og innovation i byggeriet



DELOITTE 11/04-2013 Dinner-event at Skabelonloftet
SCAN fireplaces 09/04-2013

Fotoshoot at Skabelonloftet in room #1. + the Templateroom. April 9th og 11th.

MAERSK DRILLING 05/04-2013 Seminar/Corporate event in room # 1. at Skabelonloftet (3th - 5th of April).
Arkitekten Filip Andreas Juhl udstiller tegninger i YARD gallery 05/04-2013 Filipa A. Juhl placerer enkelte genkendelige elementer fra vores samtid i de smukkeste tegninger af det gamle København. YARD PRC d. 5. April - 29. April. Fernisering fredag d. 5. April kl. 17.00 - 20.00
VL17 group 02/04-2013 Corporate event in room # 1. at Skabelonloftet with Operasinger and Painter, Michael Melbye
Magnus-Olesen 14/03-2013

Fotoshoot at Room # 1 and the Templateroom at Skabelonloftet


Municipality of Copenhagen - engineering and environmental management. Centre for Environment 07/02-2013 Seminar at Skabelonloftet
Municipality of Copenhagen - engineering and environmental management. Centre for Traffic 25/01-2013 Seminar at Skabelonloftet
Brandtex - CISO 16/01-2013 Photoshoot at Skabelonloftet
Copenhagen JADE 11/01-2013 Photoshoot at Skabelonloftet - Room # 1. and the Templateroom
Mariya Pepe (photoshoot in YARD) 11/01-2013
YARD interior (table # 7 in fotoshoot for AIAYU) 10/01-2013
Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk (photoshoot) v. Morten Jerichau 19/12-2012
Grønne Erhverv - Teknik og Miljø forvaltningen (seminar) 17/12-2012 Green business - Climate 
YARD interior (photoshoot) 14/12-2012 YARD INTERIOR products
Beck Söndergaard (photoshoot) 11/12-2012
NOA NOA 10/12-2012 Photoshoot at Skabelonloftet
MAGASIN v. Malling Publication (photoshoot) 05/12-2012
SWIM - Scandinavian World of Innovative Media 03/12-2012 CPH DOX - Seminar at the loft.
POST DANMARK (photoshoot) 03/12-2012
LOFTBAZAAREN - 1. & 2. dec. fra 10 - 17. 01/12-2012

Loftbazaaren er et nyt og anderledes design julemarked. Udvalgt design indenfor interiør, keramik, grafik & kunst, gadgets, køkkensger, vintage bolig og accessories. Læs mere og sign op på FACEBOOK

Mariya Pepe (photoshoot in YARD) 30/11-2012
Billi Bi (photoshoot) 30/11-2012
Öresundskomiteen (seminar) 30/11-2012
SAMSUNG, SilverSpoon (product launching) 26/11-2012
Ibsen & Co (Photoshoots) 22/11-2012
Pragmatic Media (photoshoot) 16/11-2012
Sebastian Schiørring exhibition in YARD gallery nov 16 th from 17 - 20 pm 16/11-2012

BY twozerowoone + From the generic plot. Nov. 16th - Dec. 30th. Fernissage at 17.00


Giuliano Merolli Agentur (photoshoot) 15/11-2012
NIKON Product launcing, Blogger event. MSLgroup 01/11-2012
Bestseller (photoshoots) 31/10-2012
Amagerforbrændingen - seminar 26/10-2012
Ball Wholesale photoshoot in room 1 + templateroom 25/10-2012
Molo kids Photoshoot at at the loft. (room 1 + templateroom) 24/10-2012
Photographer Morten Jerichau portraitshooting of Peter Bastian in room 1 at the loft 18/10-2012
HAPPY LIGHT in YARD gallery 12/10-2012

Put on a pair of happy glasses for a surprice exsperience in YARD gallery. A light installation by POINT and Albert Eilko.


University of Copenhagen - department of Geography & Geology 28/09-2012 Short tour/seminar at the loft. Theme: "What happened with Copenhagen harbor"?
The Royal Danish Theatre - the scenic workshops 25/09-2012

Olga is doing a guided tour today at the loft. 


Free YOGA in YARD gallery 24/09-2012

Starting september 27th from 15:30 - 17:00. Read more at www.naemi.dk
or on our Facebook group

Executive seminar, Amagerforbrænding 21/09-2012
Autumn party at the loft. Octobre the 6th. 19/09-2012 Fresh fish from Hundested... 
The Bygherre assosicaion is doing a movie/ interviews in the studios at the loft today. 19/09-2012 The movie will be used at the annual conference at the Bygherre association. The theme is: "Get the most out if your m2".
DDB advertising agency (loft tour) 13/09-2012
SONY Music - Tomorrow Management. Anne Linnet, portrait trailer photo/filmshoots 13/09-2012
Leadership group - VL 32 at a classical concert at the loft 06/09-2012
Ballgroup - photoshoot at the loft 03/09-2012
Invitation - Happy friday with room nr. 5 26/08-2012
Culture Harbor 2012 19/07-2012

Open doors at the Shipyard Loft during Culture Harbor 2012. www.kulturhavn.dk
Friday august the 3th from 16 - 20
Saturday august the 4th from 12 - 20
Sunday august the 5th from 12 - 18.

"Follow the Hummingbird" at YARD gallery 19/07-2012 A Photographic journey honouring Jamaica´s 50th independance and celebrating beauty authentic style music and nature. OPENING RECEPTION: Friday August 3. 16 - 20
Mariya Pepe - Photoshoot in YARD 25/06-2012 The 25th of june
Weekendavisen - 1. juni 2012 02/06-2012
Merrild photography - photoshoot at the loft 25/03-2012
ART LAB innovation seminar at the loft. 22/03-2012
Experimentariet. Innovation Match - workshop at the loft 29/02-2012 Innovation Match er et åbent netværk for virksomheder og vidensinstitutioner. Innovation Match arbejder ud fra et ønske om at skabe en anderledes, innovativ netværksplatform. Her kan virksomheder og vidensinstitutioner mødes om nye måder at tænke idéudvikling og videndeling på. Netværket søger at udvikle en model, som afprøver nye rammer for mødet mellem mennesker, og som lader relevante behov og interesser bestemme netværkets fokus. Experimentariet står bag Innovation Match
Radiometer - seminar at the loft 27/02-2012
Room # 13 - art exhibition at the loft 24/02-2012
Radiometer - seminar at the loft 23/02-2012
SONY Ericsson - advertisingfilm at the loft. King Edward Filmproduction AB, Malmö. 10/02-2012
Norwegian Airlines - Aviator Stockholm - Seminar 26/01-2012
Design Unit I/S - photoshoot at the loft 24/01-2012
Burmeister & Wain Energy - seminar room # 1 at the loft 20/01-2012
Bandtex - photoshoot at the loft. 18/01-2012
Bang & Olufsen, CEO Tue Mantoni, Co + Høgh - film interview at the loft 08/01-2012 YOU TUBE - B&O Launch
BLEND A/S - photoshoot at the loft 03/01-2012
New Years Rocket Engine Test at Peter Madsens workshop at Refshale Island 30/12-2011
Another Standard - Photoshoot at the loft 22/12-2011
YARD interior (photoshoot) 15/12-2011
Joint exhibition at the Templateroom at the loft 13/12-2011
Ballgroup - photoshoot at the loft 06/12-2011
Christmasdinner, room # 1 at the loft at 19.00 02/12-2011
The Danish Film School - filmshooting at the loft 19/11-2011
NÜ A/S - photoshoot at the loft 17/11-2011
The Italien Cultural Institute Copenhagen - cookbook. Mensch, photoshoot at the loft 17/11-2011
Radiometer - seminar at the loft 15/11-2011 Designpsykologi seminar v. Rune Nørager d. 15., 16. og 17. November.
Christian Bundegaard - art exhibition at the loft, room # 7 + the templateroom 13/11-2011
Vero Moda - photoshoot at the loft 01/11-2011
Smidth Innovation, Hvidovre hospital – workshop at the loft 01/11-2011
The Parliament artsociety visiting the loft and YARD gallery 26/10-2011
Malling Publication Cover - photoshoot 25/10-2011
B4IT, Dutch IT company - workshop at the the loft 16/10-2011
Danish Production - value added film 14/10-2011
Holmegaard - photoshoot at the loft 11/10-2011
Malling Publication Cover - photoshoot 11/10-2011
Nobody - advertising film 10/10-2011
DYHR.HAGEN - advertising film 30/09-2011
BoostHbg - meeting at the loft. Dunkers Culturehouse, Helsingborg Sweden 29/09-2011
The Kaospilots, seminar in room # 1 at the loft 29/09-2011
Vera Moda - photoshoot at the loft 29/09-2011
Internal networkday 22/09-2011
The OAK foundation and OACEANA's board of directors - tour at the loft + YARD 21/09-2011 OCEANA campaings to protect and restore the worls oceans. www.oceana.org
PFA - tour 14/09-2011
Henriette Mørdrup and Marie Louisa Heger - artexhibition at the loft 01/09-2011
The Danish Ministry of Transportation visiting the loft 25/08-2011
Scandinavien business seating at the loft 16/08-2011
The Danish Ministry of Finance - seminar at the loft 10/08-2011
Cuture Harbor - open doors at the loft 05/08-2011
Different trains - artexhibtion at the loft 05/08-2011
NU A/S - photoshoot at the loft 28/07-2011
Brandchester United v. Jens thau - photoshoot at the loft 22/07-2011
Christine Rudolf Design - photoshoot at the loft 21/06-2011
Donna Hay - photoshoot for the Australien magazine at the loft 21/06-2011
The Mayor of Culture and Leisure, Pia Allerslev - toru at the loft and at YARD gallery 10/06-2011
Rotary, Allerød - tour at the loft 07/06-2011
Brandchester United v. Jens thau - photoshoot at the loft 07/06-2011
Salling A/S 31/05-2011
Merrild photography - photoshoot at the loft 28/05-2011
Lexington Company, Stockholm - photoshoot at the loft 27/05-2011
Leader Lab, workshop at the loft 26/05-2011
Brandtex - photoshoot at the loft 19/05-2011
Frientex A/S - photoshoot at the loft 09/05-2011
POLITIKEN, Culture Editor - management workshop at room 1 at the loft 27/04-2011
BoostHg - Ledership seminar at the loft 11/04-2011
Copenhagen kommune - creative forum 06/04-2011
Danish Demining Group - seminar at the loft 23/03-2011
Carl Hansen & Son - Wegner furnitures - photoshoot at the loft 22/03-2011
Design UNit !/S - fashionshow 04/03-2011
Jonas Danholt - ballet photoshoot 27/02-2011
ILVA A/S - photoshoot at the loft 23/02-2011
KAOS pilots - seminar at the loft 09/02-2011 V. Per Krull
BY NORD photoshoot at the loft 02/02-2011
Two Danes - photoshoot at the loft 14/01-2011
ELLE magazine - Leif Sigersen photoshoot at the loft 03/01-2011
ILVA A/S - photoshoot at the loft 17/12-2010
Brandtex A/S 03/12-2010
LIGHTYEARS A/S - photoshoot at the loft 02/12-2010
TV2 - National television - seminar at the loft 19/11-2010
TV2 - National television - seminar at the loft 08/11-2010
Compass Group - workshop at the loft 04/11-2010
Adidas London - photoshoot at the loft 13/10-2010
Carpark North music video - Gaucho Film ApS - shooting at the loft 12/10-2010
Eilersen A/S - furniture photoshoot at the loft 14/09-2010
Bang & Olufsen - photoshoot at the loft 09/09-2010
ROLLEI Immobilien GmbH + Co. KG - workshop at the loft 09/09-2010
The Lab ApS - photoshoot at the loft 09/08-2010
Style butler - photoshoot at the loft 29/06-2010
SZIGGY Cph ApS - photoshoots at the loft 23/06-2010
Benjamin media - photoshoots at the loft 16/06-2010
POLITIKEN - Culture Editor - seminar at the loft 09/06-2010
Anne Axholm - medie workshop at the loft 28/04-2010
Copenhagen Business School - seminar at the loft 19/04-2010
Danish Television Culture - DR K - seminar at the loft 16/04-2010
Totalkredit - workshop at the loft 27/03-2010
Danish Refugee Council - workshop at the loft 23/03-2010
Psyko cowboys - photoshoot at the loft 19/03-2010
Refshaleøen Holding - tour at the loft 04/03-2010
RUM magasin - photohoot at the loft 20/02-2010
TINE K - photoshoot at the loft 10/02-2010
Zoulmate A/S - photoshoot at the loft 09/02-2010
Phillips Lightning - sponsordeal + seminar at the loft 15/01-2010
FDIM association of Danish Interactive media v. Morten Helweg Petersen - workshop and boardseminar at the loft 10/12-2009
Alright agency - photoshoot at the loft 23/11-2009
MONTANA - photohoot at the loft 09/11-2009
Weekend avisen - interview 02/11-2009
NAME IT - photoshoot at the loft 26/10-2009
RIKA - photoshoot at the loft 19/10-2009
M production - photoshoot at the loft 22/09-2009
Jacobsen Publication A/S - photoshoot at the loft 17/09-2009
ONLY - Henrik Bülow 29/08-2009
The Danish Ministry of Transportation, Lars barfod - tour at the loft 26/08-2009
The Danish Ministry of Traffic, Claus Bondam - tour 18/08-2009
Start Up Boot Camp - seminar at the loft 17/06-2009
Novozymes - board workshop v. Professor Ole Kirkeby at the loft. 17/04-2009
Fritz Hansen - workshop at the loft 10/04-2008
Cohn & Wolfe - workshop at the loft 10/01-2008