The Templateroom is 200 sqm old indutrial studio, where the drawings and templates was made during the Burmaister & Wain days. The room holds up till 150 people for events and confernces and works very well as a location for photo and filmshoots.

Throughout the full lengh of the Templateroom there are a black iron framed window from floor to the seiling with a view facing the ocean & a huge rooftop window with 5 m. to the seiling. The 100 years old original wooden floor and the ironconstructions are beautiful patinated.

The room has got:
- wifi, meeting facilities and audio/visuel capacity.
- free parking

- a fireplace, A/C heater/ cooler, gasheaters
- loungearea, kitchen + dishwasher
- a huge dobble wood-gate facing the ocean
- Electrical outlets 16 W + 220 V power throughout the loft
- craneacces